We Shall Never Forget

Posted by Campaign Committee on September 11, 2014

By Alan W. Jankowski

Let the world always remember,

That fateful day in September,

And the ones who answered duty's call,

Should be remembered by us all.

Who left the comfort of their home,

To face perils as yet unknown,

An embodiment of goodness on a day,

When men's hearts had gone astray.

Sons and daughters like me and you,

Who never questioned what they had to do,

Who by example, were a source of hope,

And strength to others who could not cope.

Heroes that would not turn their back,

With determination that would not crack,

Who bound together in their ranks,

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I Hold in my Hands - by Aaron Walsh, 2001

Posted by Campaign Committee on September 11, 2014

One month following the attack of 9-11, eleven year old Aaron Walsh wrote the following poem in his school notebook, trying to make sense of this horrible thing that had happened:

I Hold in My Hands

~ Aaron Walsh, 2001

I hold in my hands ...

The dust.

The dust and wreckage of the towers.

Even though I wasn't there,

I can still feel it.

It has damaged my hands with dirt.

It has damaged my heart with sorrow.

It has damaged my body with fear,

and it has damaged my life with war.

I hold in my hands ...

My life.

My life could soon be filled with war,

cruelty at its worst.

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