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Inalienable Rights

Our rights come from Almighty God. They are not handed down by an all powerful Government.

Protect Life

The right to life is not debatable. I have always been an advocate for the unborn and I will continue to do all in my power to protect every life. I believe God has a purpose for every life and I am committed to life from conception to natural death

The Economy - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

It’s important to protect an individuals’ right to work and to keep their own earnings.

We must focus on improving North Carolina’s economy. Advances have been made in the past year, but there is more to do. Continuing to reduce regulations, creating a business friendly environment, will help our economy to keep growing and enable North Carolinians to prosper by getting back to work.


North Carolina has made major strides recently on education issues.

Teacher Pay - The recent increase in starting teacher pay is a first step in an ongoing process and will help to retain good teachers. I will work hard toward additional teacher pay increases.

School Choice – I am proud to have played an active role in passing School Choice legislation. Parents can best determine where their children should attend school. Low income students can now attend private schools if the families so choose.

Common Core – Top down education doesn’t work. North Carolina needs NC standards and not federally mandated standards. Common Core must go.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment directly follows the first...for a reason. The framers knew that the 2nd Amendment protects all the others.

“The Right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The intent is clear and I will do all in my power to protect those rights.

Energy Independence

Energy production is on the horizon. The booming areas of the country are North Dakota and Texas where energy production is taking place. Jobs are being created and unemployment is practically non existent. We have a number of areas in NC that may have gas and perhaps oil under the surface. I would love to see exploration to harvest these resources in a safe and cost-effective manner. Now that we have a Republican Governor, I fully expect to see this become reality, providing a tremendous economic boost for North Carolina.

Tax Reform

The tax reform package recently passed is a great move, and NC is now in perfect position to continue our Carolina Comeback, as our tax rates are now competitive with our neighboring states. I will continue to work to make North Carolina “tax friendly” to attract new residents and new business.

Who is Joyce

Joyce Krawiec is a small business owner, grassroots activist, and life long Republican. As a believer in the grassroots, Joyce has dedicated her time and efforts to holding government accountable to the people of North Carolina.

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